Assessment Notice – Is Your Assessement Fair?

If you’ve received your current property assessment notice, you should know two things that you can act upon to potentially lower your taxes:

1) You can easily appeal the valuation online HERE if you think it’s too high.
2) You can correct errors on the property description directly with your assessor.

Appealing and correcting errors can possibly lower your property taxes — especially if your valuation comes down — since your final tax bill is based on it. You can file an appeal online HERE. Online appeals take minutes, so file as soon as possible. They are free, although most taxpayers don’t file them.

Note: You only have about a month to file an appeal after receiving the assessment notice. If you miss the appeal window, you must wait another year to appeal. For a helpful video, go HERE.

Why should every property owner do this? Because the assessment process can be inaccurate and unfair. I appeal every year and have been working on tax fairness for more than a decade as co-founder of the non-partisan Citizens Action Project of Lake County. We’ve helped thousands save money on their sky-high property taxes.

Although we at CAP wrote and passed a law that mandated greater transparency on assessment and appeals, there’s more work that needs to be done at the County Board level to bring about a higher level of accountability. That’s why I’m running for Lake County Board and circulating my TAXPAYER BILL OF RIGHTS. It calls for fairness in assessments, appeals and spending.

Electing board members who understand the right questions to ask will provide the vital oversight to make the tax system understandable and accountable.

Join hundreds of Lake County residents by signing and sharing the TAXPAYER BILL OF RIGHTS with your Lake County family, friends and neighbors as we strive to hold the Lake County Board accountable and keep our taxes under control.

We’ll submit our petition to the County Board in November to show them that Lake County taxpayers are demanding fairness and accountability. Join us to make a difference!


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John F. Wasik

Meet John Wasik, Democratic candidate for the Lake County Board's 6th District. John Wasik is a business owner, author, Illinois Innovation Road Scholar, and founder of Citizen's Action Project an all volunteer organization committed to fair taxation and government consolidation.

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