Below find ideas for reaching out to friends and family in these final days before the election.

There is a letter, written by a neighbor, that you can either use as a template to help articulate your reasons for voting for my candidacy or use the bullet points I’ve compiled to draft a letter of your own.

One surprising way neighbors have been getting the word out is via “text messaging.”  One neighbor found homes for eight yard-signs by simply asking friends if they’d like one — email  an address and we’ll deliver.

Send your email letters or text messages to neighbors, friends, and family members who live in Grayslake, Hainesville, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Park or Wildwood.

Again, thank you for all your efforts to help me get elected.

John Wasik

Letter Template

Dear (Friend),

They say all politics is local, and I agree.

This is why I am writing to ask that you support John Wasik in his campaign for Lake County Board District 6.

Three Reasons Why:
1. Action: John has innovative ideas and sound solutions to strengthen our communities.

  • It’s not just talk: The little blue cards received in the mail every year to make property assessments more transparent? Thank John for working to pass the state law to make that happen!
  • Your ability to file online property assessment appeals, John worked with the County Assessor for two years to make that happen.

2. Accountability/Fairness: We need John’s ethics and insights on the Board. When he sees an issue, he brings it to light in his writing and his work.

3. Accessibility: It’s very easy to have a conversation and a laugh with John. When it comes to issues, we all ultimately need someone we can reach out to with a concern and feel we are heard.

I believe that John will listen to citizens’ concerns in Lake County, not just a select few, plus drive new ideas to benefit all. Throughout his campaign, he has articulated a Taxpayers Bill of Rights, solar initiatives, and infrastructure ideas that are all appropriate for Lake County. I also believe that he will be open to hear diverse opinions and collaborate.

In the end, we need to vote for someone who wants to fight for us so that we can afford to retire here and our children and grandchildren can afford and enjoy the beauty of Lake County. He’s not taking PAC money, so we know he’ll listen to us.

Thank you for supporting John to put Lake County back on an economic path that’s sustainable and healthy for everyone.

Early voting is now open at the Round Lake Village Hall, Fremont Township Office, and Central Permit Facility in Libertyville. John’s Facebook page and website have voting details and locations: or

Best Regards,

(Your name here)

Bullet Points

Fair Assessments
Wrote Homestead Act bringing transparency to the assessment process
Promoting Environment Stewardship
100% renewable energy by 2035
Endorsed by the Sierra Club
Wants to jump-start “Green” economy in Lake County
Improving Roads and Infrastructure
Concentrate on doable projects
Fiscal Responsibility
Reduce wasteful spending and no-bid contracts